Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Note to Self: Never throw an overly full diaper - they burst

I am sure your wondering why I would be throwing a used diaper in the first place?...
During the day I use Cloth Diapers but at night (and when I wash the cloth diapers) I use the disposables. Because I dont use disposables very much I do not keep a trash can for them in Bobo's room. The bathroom door is directly across form his bedroom door, so usually I just roll the diaper up, strap it closed and toss it through the doors into the bathroom where either myself or Princess will put it in the trash can. Because if I set it down on the dresser next to the changing table I end up leaving it there.

The other morning Bobo's diaper was overly full (he had peed a lot throughout the night). I changed him and tossed it like I normally do and I thought I saw something when it hit the floor. Princess went to pick it up and said she stepped in something icky on the floor. Sure enough, the diaper had a small rip in it and the "absorbent filling" was falling out. Have you ever seen what it inside a diaper, especially after its been filled with liquid? It was grose.
Needless to say, I will never toss a full diaper again. And of course I have never, and will never toss a poopy diaper. Ewww.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Yuck what a mess. I don't like that filling!

  2. Aww. Poor princess. I have never tossed a dirty diaper. Unless you count the time I threw one into some idiot's apartment through the open patio door. Yep...it was a poopy one :)

  3. Isn't it weird how that happens? Yuck is right!

  4. EEWW! I've seen that nasty gel, fish egg stuff inside. It's just nasty.
    I laughed outlout when I read your post, it brought back memories - thanks for the laugh!


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