Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Neighborhood Kids

Our last neighborhood had no other kids in it. There were only 10 houses on our last street and my kids were the only 2 on the street. Now we have 16 houses on the street and 11 kids (including mine) aging from 1-6. And actually there could be 1 or two more, there are a few houses that I have not seen the neighbors yet and have no idea who lives there.
There is one little girl, lets call her Jane, on the street who I am pretty sure is younger than Princess and she is outside by herself ALL the time. In fact, most of the kids are outside unsupervised. And Jane in particular, likes to come and ring my doorbell 5 times in a row when Bobo is sleeping to ask if Princess can come outside and play. One day, I was making dinner, and she kept coming to the door every 15 minutes. I watched her walk away from the door and there were no other kids outside for her to play with. Its like her parents kick her outside and wont let her come back in, so she is stuck outside board.
I will not let my kids play outside unless I am out there watching them. Princess is 6, she is kinda at the borderline age where maybe she could be outside without me. But mostly I don't trust her not to go into another kids house to play without my permission. Also she is WAY to friendly with strangers, I tell her not to talk to strangers but she doesn't like to listen.

Mrs. Marine



  1. OMG!!!! That is exactly how it is here.. The kids are always outside and no parents.. Only they kids (ages 2,3,4 and 5) will OPEN the door and walk right in IF it isn't locked.. Or try to walk in behind you... The MPs stopped by and talked to them because one of the girls climbed ON TOP of the minivan... I can honestly say I hate my neighbors.. and I dislike using that word... It is at the point that I just ignore them and shut the door in their face..

  2. OMG, we live on post, and the kids just run wild. I've seen toddlers out with no adult supervision. The older kids (8-10) range I've been informed by my son don't like my husband and I because we enforce rules when we're outside or look out the window and see stuff like them throwing apples towards our house. Seriously, where are these kids' parents? I thought living on post the military kids would be better disciplined than the general population - WRONG!

  3. I am amazed that an Army post is like that... I cannot believe it. I thought like Amanda, that there would be much more discipline. I feel so bad for all of you, I am so glad my kids are grown up and that I had such terrific neighbors when my kids were growing up.
    I hope everything works out for you all, and that there is something that the MPs can do for you. You are in my thoughts..... good luck.


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