Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't Life Ironic

Have you ever made the right choice only to have it bite you in the ass?
Before I met my husband, when I was in my early 20's I would go out to dance clubs every weekend with my friend. Her and I always took turns being the DD (designated driver). One night after we had already gotten to the bar we decided to take a cab home so she didn't have to be the DD and we could both drink together. So, we left her car at the bar, took a cab back to my house and my friend crashed on the couch. The next morning I drove us back to the club to pick up her car. We both drove away from the bar and were heading down the highway, she was behind me in her car. I was about to change lanes and I glanced over my shoulder to check my blind spot when out of nowhere, the car in front of me slammed on there breaks. I rear-ended him and my friend rear-ended me. The airbag in my car went off, which broke the windshield.
Other than a what looked like a sunburn on my arms and chest and a slight bruise from the seat-belt I was unharmed and so was my friend. We were both more emotionally upset than anything else.

The icing on the cake, I had just gotten my car about 3 months before that, my very first brand new car (a green Ford Focus, I loved that car, we sold it before we moved here). And my friend was also driving a new car, she didn't even have the plates on it yet... Her's was a white Ford Mustan.

We made the right choice to take a cab when we had been drinking, only to get into a fluke accident the next morning. Not that I regret the choice in any way. Its just ironic how life works out that way sometimes.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I think it's a new car curse. I got my first NEW car at 22. A beautiful Hyundai Scoupe...in YELLOW. I figured I was safe in that car. Then about 3 months later, after a snowy night, I was driving to work. The roads were very icy. I stopped at a light and as I looked up I could see a car coming up behind me...out of control. I looked ahead to see if I could get a break in traffic...no such luck. There was nothing I could do but watch as the car slammed into me, just hopeing it wouldn't push me into the cross street and all the traffic. No one was hurt, but I was hit on the back corner and the side and my bumper was completely torn off the car:(

  2. Glad you both weren't hurt too bad!
    Mine wasn't a brand new car, but it was my dream car... a Jaguar XJ8 in baby blue (to match my eyes as my hubby says). It was in mint condition, only 3 years old and VERY low mileage. About 3 months after I got it, I was stopped at a red light behind a row of cars, and the car behind me didn't stop in time!! OUCH - $10K in damage to the car, and an increase in damage to my back and neck that I already had... Damn.


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