Monday, October 26, 2009

I WON on eBay!!!

Have you ever bid on anything on eBay? Its kinda fun and exiting!!
Hubby and I both need (want) new cell phones, texting phones, and were not eligible to get them through our wireless provider for free or at a discount until late next year. So, we decided to buy phones on ebay.
I have been looking for the last week and annoyingly enough a lot of the auctions would end at 2 AM my time. Well, I am not staying up all night just to try to bid on eBay, I'm not that desperate for a new phone.
Finally I found 2 phones being sold together! And the auction was scheduled to end yesterday morning at 7:35. So, I did have to make sure I was up by 7:20 and on the computer waiting to click, click, click (bid, bid, bid) at the very last second to win!!! It was kinda exiting!!! (I know, Im a dork, I thrive on little excitement). I ended up paying $224 total for 2 phones, not bad!!! Which is less than the average price of $120 each on eBay. Not to mention getting both phones together is just easier, one payment, one shipping box, one seller. I'm exited to get a new phone!! Its a new toy!! Now I have to wait for them to get here.... I hate waiting....

Mrs. Marine


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  1. Cool... The Hubs was addicted to eBay for a while a few years ago, but now it's gotten a little too big for him, and the shipping charges CAN get a little too much. You sound like you got a great deal.
    Hope you like your new phones... can't wait to see photos when they come in. :-)


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