Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hubby's Allergic to His Wedding Ring

About 3/4 months ago Hubby noticed that the skin under his wedding ring was red and irritated. I kept having him put lotions and things on it with no luck healing the skin. He would leave his ring off for several days and it would go away. Once he put his ring back on his skin would get irritated again. We couldnt quite figure it out. Why would he all of a sudden be allergic to gold after 7 1/2 years of wearing a wedding ring. Granted there have been a few deployments where he was not allowed to wear it and he never wore it when he went to the field. It just seemed to weird that he would become allergic now after all this time.
I finally tried using jewelry cleaner and scrubbed his ring, still no luck. He cant wear his wedding ring for more than a day without getting red irritated skin underneath it. I did some searching on Google and sure enough I found you can develop an allergy to gold. It stinks. I also read that I can have a jeweler put something on it so it doesn't bother him. So, I will be looking into that. Its just so weird, my husband is allergic to his wedding ring.
Anyone else ever had this happen?

Mrs. Marine



  1. I had to have my wedding ring de-chemicalized, it cost about $60 and they had it for a couple weeks. I was cleaning a lot back then. Maybe try to have him only wear it during the day, so when his fingers swell at night while he is sleeping, the skin has time to heal.

  2. I actually had a problem like that, but it turned out to be a medication I was on at the time. Has he been on any new medication? Have you used any new soaps or laundry detergents?
    You also moved to a new environment recently, so there may be something in the air that gets under the ring that bothers his skin. Have you tried Benadryl lotion under the ring? Just throwing stuff out there... Hope it works out for you... He might even try a different metal, my step-son wears a titanium ring, and loves it.


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