Thursday, October 08, 2009

Flip Flops at School

I live in Hawaii, I can wear flip flops and sandals year round!! I love Flip Flops! Who doesn't? But I wont wear them if I am going to be walking a lot, if I need good support for my feet. That being said it really bothers me when I look at how many kids at Princess school are wearing Flip Flops. I would estimate a good 80% of the kids are wearing flip flops.
Princess wears tennis shoes every day, once in a while I let her wear her crocks. She's a kid, she runs around, we walk to and from school and I feel she needs to be wearing shoes that support her feet.
I love flip flops but I don't think there appropriate for kids to wear to school (elementary school). These kids are going to end up with foot problems and flat arches (among other things). Not to mention, flip flops offer no protection if you fall down or drop something on your foot.
Some parents just annoy me...

Mrs. Marine



  1. I don't think the kids here can wear flip flops to school. I agree with you you would think they would want support for their kiddos feet.

  2. Living in Florida, I too wear sandals all the time (not flip flops - don't like that thingy between my toes, eeww), but I know what you mean.
    There is NO support, and no protection. What if someone steps on the back of the shoe... you can fall on your face and if you're not quick enough, break a nose. And who is the parent gonna blame??? NOT themself, oh no!! THE SCHOOL!!
    I agree, closed toed shoes with no open back should be the rule, like sneakers!
    Way to go mom for being the smart one!!!


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