Saturday, September 26, 2009

Princess PeePants

(No, I would never call my daughter that out loud to her face, although its tempting)
She made me so mad last night I am still seething and I cant beleive she did it.... Actually I can, it just really irrrates me. I almost wrote this post last night, but there deffinetly would have been cussing involved then....

Last night Princess (she is 6 1/2 years old) and Bobo were playing in his room together. I had told them to clean up and once they were done I went in to get them ready for bed. I noticed Bobo's pillow was at the foot of his bed, I picked it up to put it in the right place, and saw a large wet spot on the under side of the pillow. (My first thought was drool) I smelled it, NOPE its pee. Bobo's diaper had not leaked, which means Princess did it. She was sitting on his pillow and peed on it.
Then she put in back on his bed, pee side down, to hide the evidence. Luckily I flipped it over and saw it or he would have been sleeping on a pee pillow, ewww.
I was SO MAD. Its bad enough she pees on her own stuff, but to do that to her brother and then hid it. I couldn't help but yell at her. Not to mention I have told her time and time again, not to play on his bed and not to sit on his pillow (because I was afraid of this happening), she takes it off his bed and sits on it on the floor.
After making her go in her room to change her wet clothes I went to change the pillow case, and Bobo's bed sheets as well. I discovered that the pillow protector pillow case was not waterproof. There were 3 layers covering this pillow including the regular pillow case. Pee soaked through all 3 layers into the pillow, which is now in the garbage (the pillow is not washable). So, she also ruined his pillow.
I took hers, put a clean pillow case on it and gave it to Bobo to use. Princess doesn't get a pillow until we buy another one. Allong with new waterproof protector pillow cases (her pillow had one).

What would you have done? Would you have taken her pillow like I did? I figure, why should Bobo have to sleep without a pillow because of what Princess did.

-Princess pees her pants on a regular basis. She wears a pull-up at night. She has sat and peed on her own pillow allong with other things. She is not allowed to sit on the couch in our living room because she has peed on it several times. She pees in her pants at school. She has a watch that goes off every Hour and a Half to remind her to go potty. Yet, she still pees in her pants. She doesnt want to stop what she is doing to go to the bathroom. We have taken her to the Doctor, she doesnt empty her bladder fully and take her time to go. But how do you force a 6 year old to do that. The Dr. even asked her if she wanted to quit peeing in her pants, she said "Well, I dont want to miss stuff". She doesnt care.
The bottom line is she is not going to stop doing it until she wants to. I have tried EVERYTHING. Making her do her own laundry, rewarding her, ignoring it, EVERYTHING.
I have a feeling its going to come down to peer pressure. She's going to eventually get teesed at school and it will make her stop. Not to mention, I cant let her go to friends houses or have sleepovers until this stops.

I only pray that Bobo will be easier to potty train, I shall find out soon enough.



  1. Oh you poor thing that is very stressful.

    My oldest 3 did that at about that age. What I came to understand was they were busy playing and didn't want to interrupt their playtime by going to the bathroom I was also thinking it gave them some kind of power.

    But basically I got upset too ( because I know they knew better), but explained about germs, being hygienic and such, not to mention the smell. After a couple times they stopped.

    Good luck. I know it don't help too much but I always tell myself "this too shall pass."

  2. Oh dear... Wee Man does wear pullups at night (doesn't always need but no protection for bed yet) and while he has accidents once in a blue blue blue moon... I haven't had this problem except when first potty training.. Advice... I would need to think about it but it sounds like only time will get her to stop...
    BTW I have an award for you

  3. I absolutely think you did the right thing, because it doesn't sound like a medical problem. It sounds like she is just being lazy. I have no advice for you, but I do think you are right, only time, and missing out on some big slumber party and being picked on, will help. It's gonna hurt her, but you seemed to have tried everything else. You sound like a terrific mom!

  4. That must really be stressful for you. I can't imagine having a six year old that still has trouble like that. I wish I had some advice for you. Fortunately my girls were easy to train. My three year old hasn't had an accident in months.


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