Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picky Eaters

Princess has been a picky eater since she was 2. But at lease there are several meals that I Know she will eat and that are good for her (she Loves spaghetti & meatballs). But lately Bobo is just getting more and more picky. He wont even try a majority of the food I set in-front of him at dinner. He takes one look and starts to whine for goldfish.
Lately he wont even eat the standard kid foods like Mac-N-Cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, PIZZA. We had pizza the other night and he wouldn't eat it. WHAT KID DOESN'T EAT PIZZA???? That's just not normal (kidding).
All he will eat anymore is goldfish, crackers, bread, snack foods like that. He loves PBJ, thank goodness! For now anyway. One minute he loves something and the next he wont eat it anymore. I don't get it and its driving me crazy. I dont know weather to give in just so he will eat "something" or try to make him eat whats for dinner. I am not going to force my kids to eat food they really dont like. But what do I do when he wont eat anything that's remotely nutritious?
I am afraid that if I keep giving in and giving him what he wants then he will never learn to eat a variety of foods and will think I am always going to give in. I am not a short order cook and I want to be able to make one meal for my family. We almost always have some kind of pasta with dinner because of Picky Princess (and Hubby and I like pasta anyway). And we have always had the rule, this is whats for dinner, eat it or not.

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  1. Well, my pediatrician always said that as long as they were growing and not suffering any vitamin loss, and it didn't last too long (which it usually doesn't), not to worry when they go through these phases.
    So, I suggest that for breakfast, try and make something healthy that you know he likes, and for luch PB&J is ok, then for supper make what is for dinner and that is it. If he doesn't eat it, then he goes hungry for the night. If he complains he is hungry later, offer to warm up some of the dinner for him, nothing else. A few days of this should do the trick - they will eat what they need and not let themselves go hungry. Plus, try to offer a variety of healthy snacks during the day, and have a variety of veggies at dinner. It worked for my youngest who was such a picky eater. We eventually instilled the 2-bite rule: they had to try 2 bites of something, then if they REALLY hated it and could explain why, they never had to eat it again. The kids learned to eat lots of different food that way.
    Good luck... :-)


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