Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad Hubby

My husband is terrible when it comes to small electronics. Just a few minutes ago he ran around the house looking for his thumb-drive only to realize it was in the pocket of his cammies that are in the washing machine. Yup, he washed his thumb-drive.
He did the same thing once and washed his cell phone.
He bought a brand new bluetooth about a month ago, well its now been missing for over a week (and its not the first time he has lost one). Since he needed it more than I did he took mine. And he broke the ear strap off of it.
He is terrible. I now have an insurance plan on both our cell phones.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I'm just as bad as your hubby! I dropped my brand new camera phone in a glass of milk!

  2. OHHH shame on him.. but that does remind me of the time we were at a Dr appointment.. This teenager takes her little sister (9 years maybe) to the bathroom... a few minutes later she walks and says "Mooommm look"... Somehow (I have no clue) she dropped her BRAND NEW cell phone (keyboard iphone thing) into the toilet!!! I swear everyone in the clinic giggled and then tried to look the other way..

  3. I'm really bad like that, too. But The Hubs is so good, he empties his pockets every night before he goes to bed and puts everything on the night stand by the bed. He has a routine... I so bad about leaving stuff (usually tissues) in my pockets and pins on my shirts. OOPS!!

  4. Sounds like he needs to start checking his pockets before he puts his clothes in the wash.


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