Saturday, September 26, 2009

Princess PeePants

(No, I would never call my daughter that out loud to her face, although its tempting)
She made me so mad last night I am still seething and I cant beleive she did it.... Actually I can, it just really irrrates me. I almost wrote this post last night, but there deffinetly would have been cussing involved then....

Last night Princess (she is 6 1/2 years old) and Bobo were playing in his room together. I had told them to clean up and once they were done I went in to get them ready for bed. I noticed Bobo's pillow was at the foot of his bed, I picked it up to put it in the right place, and saw a large wet spot on the under side of the pillow. (My first thought was drool) I smelled it, NOPE its pee. Bobo's diaper had not leaked, which means Princess did it. She was sitting on his pillow and peed on it.
Then she put in back on his bed, pee side down, to hide the evidence. Luckily I flipped it over and saw it or he would have been sleeping on a pee pillow, ewww.
I was SO MAD. Its bad enough she pees on her own stuff, but to do that to her brother and then hid it. I couldn't help but yell at her. Not to mention I have told her time and time again, not to play on his bed and not to sit on his pillow (because I was afraid of this happening), she takes it off his bed and sits on it on the floor.
After making her go in her room to change her wet clothes I went to change the pillow case, and Bobo's bed sheets as well. I discovered that the pillow protector pillow case was not waterproof. There were 3 layers covering this pillow including the regular pillow case. Pee soaked through all 3 layers into the pillow, which is now in the garbage (the pillow is not washable). So, she also ruined his pillow.
I took hers, put a clean pillow case on it and gave it to Bobo to use. Princess doesn't get a pillow until we buy another one. Allong with new waterproof protector pillow cases (her pillow had one).

What would you have done? Would you have taken her pillow like I did? I figure, why should Bobo have to sleep without a pillow because of what Princess did.

-Princess pees her pants on a regular basis. She wears a pull-up at night. She has sat and peed on her own pillow allong with other things. She is not allowed to sit on the couch in our living room because she has peed on it several times. She pees in her pants at school. She has a watch that goes off every Hour and a Half to remind her to go potty. Yet, she still pees in her pants. She doesnt want to stop what she is doing to go to the bathroom. We have taken her to the Doctor, she doesnt empty her bladder fully and take her time to go. But how do you force a 6 year old to do that. The Dr. even asked her if she wanted to quit peeing in her pants, she said "Well, I dont want to miss stuff". She doesnt care.
The bottom line is she is not going to stop doing it until she wants to. I have tried EVERYTHING. Making her do her own laundry, rewarding her, ignoring it, EVERYTHING.
I have a feeling its going to come down to peer pressure. She's going to eventually get teesed at school and it will make her stop. Not to mention, I cant let her go to friends houses or have sleepovers until this stops.

I only pray that Bobo will be easier to potty train, I shall find out soon enough.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aloha Friday #3 Jelly Fish

Aloha Friday
What's Aloha Friday? Visit An Island Life to find out.

Question of the day:
Have you ever seen a jelly-fish (in the wild, not in an aquarium)? Ever been stung by one (I hope not)?

A: I saw a wild jelly-fish for the first time a week after we moved here (see my last two posts).

I cant help but think of the episode of "Friends" where Monica gets stung and somebody ends up peeing on her too ease the pain.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Portuguese Man o' War

Did you see yesterdays WW - What's This?
Well, I had taken that picture when we were at the beach one day shortly after we first moved here. My guess at the time was it was a jelly fish and I Googled to try and find out what type it was and didn't have any luck figuring it out. Well, after I posted the picture yesterday I decided to try again and Googled "clear and blue jellyfish". If I am correct it is The Portuguese Man o' War (Physalia physalis), also known as the blue bubble, blue bottle, man-of-war, or the Portuguese man of war (not technically a jelly-fish).
It wasn't very big, it could have fit in the palm of my hand. Luckily I was the one who found it and not one of the kids. A sting from one is apparently pretty painful. After I spotted it I picked it up with a shovel and threw it away down the beach.

Mrs. Marine

Wordless Wednesday - What's This?

(I am a little late with this post, I forgot it was Wednesday, Princess was off from school Monday so that has thrown my week off.)
Click the image to make it bigger, I found this on the beach, what do you think it is?

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aloha Friday #2 Song

Aloha Friday
What's Aloha Friday? Visit An Island Life to find out.

Question of the day:
Whats the first song that comes to mind?

A: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, Its the Mickey Mouse, Club House, Come inside its fun inside! (Bobo LOVES Mickey Mouse)

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Girl at Phillies Game

Did you see this? Too cute!

I had to share this for those that didn't catch the story online, gotta love kids!

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Clouds

I took these with the camera on my cell phone. It is so beautiful here! 
The clouds here always seem like they are so much closer to the ground than what I am use to.

Mrs. Marine

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad Hubby

My husband is terrible when it comes to small electronics. Just a few minutes ago he ran around the house looking for his thumb-drive only to realize it was in the pocket of his cammies that are in the washing machine. Yup, he washed his thumb-drive.
He did the same thing once and washed his cell phone.
He bought a brand new bluetooth about a month ago, well its now been missing for over a week (and its not the first time he has lost one). Since he needed it more than I did he took mine. And he broke the ear strap off of it.
He is terrible. I now have an insurance plan on both our cell phones.

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aloha Friday #1 M&M's

Aloha Friday
What's Aloha Friday? Visit An Island Life to find out.
Since we arrived in Hawaii I have been thinking about participating in Aloha Friday, because, if your a blogger who lives in Hawaii, I think it should be an obligation, right? :)

Question of the day:
Which M&M color and kind is your favorite? Also, is there a color you wont eat?

A: My fav is green, peanut-butter M&M's!

Mrs. Marine

Picky Eaters

Princess has been a picky eater since she was 2. But at lease there are several meals that I Know she will eat and that are good for her (she Loves spaghetti & meatballs). But lately Bobo is just getting more and more picky. He wont even try a majority of the food I set in-front of him at dinner. He takes one look and starts to whine for goldfish.
Lately he wont even eat the standard kid foods like Mac-N-Cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, PIZZA. We had pizza the other night and he wouldn't eat it. WHAT KID DOESN'T EAT PIZZA???? That's just not normal (kidding).
All he will eat anymore is goldfish, crackers, bread, snack foods like that. He loves PBJ, thank goodness! For now anyway. One minute he loves something and the next he wont eat it anymore. I don't get it and its driving me crazy. I dont know weather to give in just so he will eat "something" or try to make him eat whats for dinner. I am not going to force my kids to eat food they really dont like. But what do I do when he wont eat anything that's remotely nutritious?
I am afraid that if I keep giving in and giving him what he wants then he will never learn to eat a variety of foods and will think I am always going to give in. I am not a short order cook and I want to be able to make one meal for my family. We almost always have some kind of pasta with dinner because of Picky Princess (and Hubby and I like pasta anyway). And we have always had the rule, this is whats for dinner, eat it or not.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Sleepin Kitty

We had originally picked the name Kailua, Lua for short. Princess calls her Kailua. Bobo calls her Kai-lula, which I kinda like better and its just so cute the way he says it.

Mrs. Marine

Saturday, September 05, 2009

My Greatest Bathroom Organization Idea Ever

This is a picture of the back of my master bathroom door.
I love smelly lotions and body washes! And I have lots of them in all different fragrances. Yet I hardly ever remember to use them because the only place I had to store them all was in a big plastic drawer that I kept in my linen closet. (Out of sight out of mind) Well, I had the greatest idea when I was unpacking. The "thing" in the pictures hanging on my bathroom door is meant to hold shoes. But I had the idea to use it for my lotions. It works perfectly! There are 24 mesh pouches which are now full with two bottles in almost every one. Now I can easily see and get to all my lotions! Its so cool, I love my idea!
I have had this for a while and used to use it for my shoes, I originally bought it at Walmart (it came with hooks to hang it on a door) just so you know. Feel free to steal my idea, I think its Awesome :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Meet Lua

This is Lua, the newest member of our family! We adopted her from the Humane Society!
She is 3 years & 9 months old, isn't she pretty! She is very sweet and loving, but likes to play too! I was getting love bites when I was playing with her last night.

Mrs. Marine

Novel Bloggers

A while back I started a Online Book Club blog called Novel Bloggers
The idea is, I would have several other contributors to the blog. We would choose a book to read, read 1 or more (the number would be decided in advance) chapters of the book a week and then we would all write posts on Novel Bloggers about the chapters we read.
I love reading! I would love to be able to discuss a book with someone who is reading the book along with me.
Novel Bloggers has been on the back burner for a while with the move and such I didn't have time for it. Also I have yet to find anyone who wants to (contribute to it) "Be in the Club".

I have recently totally revamped the blog (I think the layout looks pretty cool myself, I designed it and I am quite proud of myself) added some new posts and got the Entrecard widget working again in hopes to get some traffic there.
So, if anyone is interested in being a contributor let me know!

Mrs. Marine

Exercise 4 Me!

I now take two 20 minute walks 5 days a week!
Luckily the house we live in is only a 10 minute walk from Princess's school so I can walk her 2 and from school every day! No more waiting for the school bus and ridiculous car lines. I love it!
I am terribly unmotivated when it comes to exercise so something like this where I am forced to do it is great for me. I only hope that I can meet another mom to walk with. So far I have not seen any other moms walking down my street. But the housing area is still growing, there are lots of houses that are not even done yet, so I have hope.

Mrs. Marine