Sunday, August 02, 2009

Were in Hawaii!!!

Were here, were Finally here!!! Its still hard to fathom the fact that I am on an Island out in the ocean. I am no longer on the Continent of North America. What will really be weird is seeing the local news when they do the weather report and show the map. I'm on an Island!

We got here last Friday, it was a REALLY long day, Hubby and I were up at 5am (I could NOT sleep the night before and only managed to get about 4 hours sleep - I needed Coffee Bad) and we got the kids up at 5:30.
We flew from Denver to Salt Lake City Utah (1 hour 20 minute flight) had an hour and a half layover then flew on to Honolulu (6 hours 40 minute flight - First Class - we paid for the upgrade) The first flight was not bad, but by the time we got on the next flight Bobo was very tired and ready for a nap and not too happy to be strapped in his car seat again. He was screaming and crying and I am sure the people around us were considering getting off the plane before it took off. Luckily shortly after we got in the air he gave in and fell asleep. He slept about an hour and a half and woke up happy! He had a few grouchy moments throughout the rest of the flight including one when he threw a small doodle-pad at my head (that really hurt, hit me right on the forhead). But all in all I think he did well. Each seat had a little monitor in frot of it where you could choose what you wanted to watch from a slection of movies. There were a few kids movies that kept both kids entertained! We had a protable DVD Player with us as well, so Bobo got to watch his favorite, Mickey Mouse Club House. While he was sleeping I got to watch "17 Again", Good movie! Hubby watched "Star Treck". I also started watching "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" but unfortunately I did not get to finish it.
Princess was happy the whole time watching movies with her head phones on. She got the royal treatment from the very attentive Flight Attendants (2 men). They were bringing her drinks and snacks and she even conned 2 cherries out of them because she saw one in the drink I had (Mi Tie!) Both kids were snacking all day long, Bobo is always happy if he is eating.
After the long day and a 4 hour time difference the kids crashed at 6:30, I crashed at 8:00. So unfortunately I woke up at 4:30 the next morning when Princess got up to use the bathroom and could not go back to sleep :( Neither could she and Hubby was awake as well. I felt very rested but I did not want to get up that early. Bobo woke up about 5:00 and we dicided to get ready and go out to breakfast, off base.
I wish we would have taken the camera, but I was able to get this picture with my cell phone:

We pulled over on the side of the highway to take this. It was cloudy and foggy but still more beautiful than I could have imagined! It was raining when we got off the plane as well and on our drive from Honolulu to the base. But I dont mind the rain, I'm used to it after living in VA for the last 3 years and fog is cool! I'm on and Island!!!

Mrs. Marine



  1. Yea! I am glad to hear you have made it there! I'm sure it is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Glad you guys made that you're safe....can I say: You suck, I'm jealous!

  3. Glad you made it there. The time difference will take getting use to. I know you will enjoy the weather! good idea to upgrade for those long flights. Better seats and service:-)

  4. I don't envy the long flights with children, but I do envy being in Hawaii. I would love to visit someday. Hope you are getting settled and I know you are enjoying yourself.

  5. What a beautiful pic. I was born there, but left a year later :o( My dad was stationed there.

    I would love to be there as an adult. You lucky girl you.. glad the kids did well too.

  6. Welcome to Hawaii!!! When you're settled send me a note and maybe we can meet up! We've been back for three weeks now and I'm still not quite adjusted...but SOOOOO happy to be back! :) If you have any questions about HI let me know!


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