Tuesday, August 04, 2009

We got a house - Good News and Bad News

So, since we arrived in Hawaii we have been staying in Lodging on base. The 4 of us are in one room with two queen beds. It has a "kitchenette" that does not have a stove top, but does have a microwave and a toaster. Luckily there is also a community grill.
Hubby checked in with the houseing office yesterday and was told to come back today at noon and he should be getting an offer for a house.

He called me after going to the office and asked the annoying question:
"I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?"
I really hate it when he calls me and says that. I chose good news first: We got a house, a brand new house that is really nice and has a huge master bedroom with a walk in closet and master bath. 3 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Bath, 2 car garage! And the bedrooms are upstairs!!! (Our last house was all one floor, not good during nap time).

The bad news: The house is so new its not ready yet. We cant move in until the 14th which means were stuck in lodging until then. It sucks being stuck in one room together (that Bobo is hell-bent on trying to destroy) but at least we are getting a nice new house!

So far Bobo has knocked the lamp off the night stand several times and taken off the little knob that turns it off and on. He keeps trying to rip the peeling wallpaper in the corner. He fell off the bed today. He keeps pushing the AC buttons and I either find the heat turned on or the temp turned down to 52, or up to 89. He is my destructive boy. He also likes to mess with all the TV buttons while Princess is watching which causes her to scream at him. He is constantly climbing on the chari next to the little kitchen table to try and get to whatever happens to be on the table at the time. I feel like all I do is tell him "NO" "Get down".

Mrs. Marine



  1. Oh I dislike it when DH calls and says "good or bad news"... I'm so glad you get to move into a NEW house that sounds so wonderful... Can't be fun in that small lodging.. I would say go to the Windward Mall but unless it got bigger that should only take an hour (unless you look at everything)... Well, atleast your household goods should be there by the time the house is ready.... Aloha

  2. Well...hmmm....a NEW house is a awesome thing to look forward to. I know one room certainly stinks. I would just stay away as much a possible:)

  3. But you're in HAWAII! Really! So stop complaining and invite me over already. I don't mind sharing a room with you all. I won't push any buttons. I promise :D


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