Friday, August 21, 2009

Unpacking Frenzy

I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!! Not that I have missed it too much, I have been very busy for the last week unpacking. And I'm STILL not done, almost, thank goodness.

Unfortunately I have had to do most of the unpacking by myself because Hubby has had to work, which sucks. I wish we could have arranged for him to be off this last week, if I had had his help I would have been done already.
Hubby had the moving men put all the boxes in the garage, all piled in one corner in a random order, not the best plan. Lesson learned. So every evening he has had to carry heavy boxes to their appropriate rooms so that I can unpack them the next day. Next time we will group the boxes in certain corners and the kitchen boxes will go in the kitchen because that is the first room to unpack and we had a hell of a time finding our coffee maker the day we moved in. We had to be able to have coffee the next morning.

Anyway, must get back to the unpacking....

Mrs. Marine



  1. Yuck! Moving to a new place is exciting only then you have the unpacking to deal with...not fun!

  2. I hate moving and unpacking but when your done yo can sit back and relax and get back to normal

  3. Good luck on the unpacking. It's much harder than the packing if you ask me. All that cleaning and such. I hope you are done soon.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I hate unpacking but it is so much fun to move and put all your fun stuff in a new place! Congrats and have a great day!


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