Friday, August 07, 2009

Our First Week in Hawaii

We have been here exactly one week today and already Hurricane Felecia is coming to visit us! (Click the link for the updated Google results on the hurricane). Luckily last I checked its supposed to calm down by the time it reaches here and turn into a "tropical depression".

Princess is all registered for school; after scheduling a Dr. apointment thats not until the 25th, getting a TB test, a lot of paperwork and some difficulty because I do not have her birth certificate with me (Oops, totally didnt think of that). They almost were not going to let her start school until I got them a copy of it. But luckily they are letting her start on Monday without it!!
She got brand new tennis shoes that have pink trim, there very cute! And after going to two different Wallgreens and a Walmart, and the PX and the Annex on base we managed to finally find all her school supplies (the list was extinsive) along with a Hello Kitty backpack that actually fits her and doesn't go from her neck to her knees.

I am not even going to get into all the hoops Hubby had to jump through (there was fire involved) to get out car registerd in HI and get a sticker so we can drive it on base. It was rediculious, but its done and we have Hawaii licens plates!!

Now I just have to wait one more week until we allowed to move into our house, then wait longer (dont know an exact date yet) to get our household stuff so I can begin the monumental task of unpacking. Ick. I dont know which is wors, packing or unpacking? In the kitchen unpacking is worse because everything has to be washed... Anyone have any tips on unpacking to make it easier? One box at a time right? LOL.

Mrs. Marine



  1. We've loved both our visits to Hawaii!! Would LOVE to live there :-) Congrats on getting a premiere assignment!!

    God bless,

  2. i completely understand about the packing. Hate it! We too will be doing it soon, urghhhh!!
    So glad everyone made it and safely. Look forward to hearing wonderful beach stories soon.


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