Friday, August 28, 2009

"Military Brats"

At my daughters school there is a large open area where on the floor is a painted map of the USA. We pass through there every day as I walk Princess to class. This morning as I walked through there I noticed several older kids jumping all over the map saying "I was here, then we moved there, and here" (and so on and so forth). The thought even now, gives me a knot in the pit of my stomach.
Would you choose the life of a "Military Brat"? For yourself or your kids? (my kids are not brats, we all know the term)
I wonder how my children will feel about this life when they are older? My hope is that when Princess gets into the Tween and Teenage years we will be able to stay in one location and not have to move every three years. I definitely do not want her or Bobo to have to change schools during High School.
On the one hand, we will move a lot, leave friends behind. But on the other, they will gain life experiences that not everyone gets growing up.
I moved to different houses and changed schools often growing up but I spent the first 23 years of my life in the same general location in Colorado.
Princess has already lived in 4 different states and she is only 6. Bobo is now on his second. Princess was fine with this move, she mentions missing her old friends once in a while, but she is a social butterfly and has already made friends with all her classmates. Hopefully she will continue to be outgoing and social. It will help her adjust easily when we move again in 3 years.

I am not used to being on a Military Base again, its kinda weird and yet very comforting to know that everyone here is military, every child on this base has a parent in the military.

- Rebecca Pidgeon - Army Brat -

Mrs. Marine



  1. I always stayed in the same place, only moved out of the school district once, and that was by my choice to move from my dad's house to my moms. I have always felt bad for kids who moved a lot, but they always seemed to have really tight families as well. I guess, like anything else, there are benefits as well as disadvantages.

  2. It's all about perspective. You have to always show her the brighter side of things. She had to leave behind friends, but some day, when she is your age, her circle of friends will wrap around the world. There are people that will go their entire lives and never see some of the beautiful places in this wonderful country that your husband serves.

  3. You know I wasn't a Military Brat (but only because my father got out before I was born) however, as soon as I had the chance I was moving all over the US and more. Now I wonder the same as you. Will Wee Man and Lil Kiwi later in life wish we didn't move so much or will enjoy all the things they got to see or do.... In the end, it really comes down to how you (people in general) look at the world... This is my first time living ON base and my fourth military move... I love that everyone here is military and they help out if DH is TDY for weeks or deployed... They kids also seem to have an understanding that not all of them will start and end school together...

  4. You'd think that moving around would be hard on a child but it sounds like your kids are adjusting well. I was fortunate enough to live and grow up in the same house for 18 years.


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