Friday, August 28, 2009

"Military Brats"

At my daughters school there is a large open area where on the floor is a painted map of the USA. We pass through there every day as I walk Princess to class. This morning as I walked through there I noticed several older kids jumping all over the map saying "I was here, then we moved there, and here" (and so on and so forth). The thought even now, gives me a knot in the pit of my stomach.
Would you choose the life of a "Military Brat"? For yourself or your kids? (my kids are not brats, we all know the term)
I wonder how my children will feel about this life when they are older? My hope is that when Princess gets into the Tween and Teenage years we will be able to stay in one location and not have to move every three years. I definitely do not want her or Bobo to have to change schools during High School.
On the one hand, we will move a lot, leave friends behind. But on the other, they will gain life experiences that not everyone gets growing up.
I moved to different houses and changed schools often growing up but I spent the first 23 years of my life in the same general location in Colorado.
Princess has already lived in 4 different states and she is only 6. Bobo is now on his second. Princess was fine with this move, she mentions missing her old friends once in a while, but she is a social butterfly and has already made friends with all her classmates. Hopefully she will continue to be outgoing and social. It will help her adjust easily when we move again in 3 years.

I am not used to being on a Military Base again, its kinda weird and yet very comforting to know that everyone here is military, every child on this base has a parent in the military.

- Rebecca Pidgeon - Army Brat -

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - First Trip to the Beach

(Me holding Bobo) We went to the beach one week after we arrived here. It was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun! Although I did not wear strong enough sun screen and I got burned pretty good (Ouch!)....

Mrs. Marine

Friday, August 21, 2009

Unpacking Frenzy

I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!! Not that I have missed it too much, I have been very busy for the last week unpacking. And I'm STILL not done, almost, thank goodness.

Unfortunately I have had to do most of the unpacking by myself because Hubby has had to work, which sucks. I wish we could have arranged for him to be off this last week, if I had had his help I would have been done already.
Hubby had the moving men put all the boxes in the garage, all piled in one corner in a random order, not the best plan. Lesson learned. So every evening he has had to carry heavy boxes to their appropriate rooms so that I can unpack them the next day. Next time we will group the boxes in certain corners and the kitchen boxes will go in the kitchen because that is the first room to unpack and we had a hell of a time finding our coffee maker the day we moved in. We had to be able to have coffee the next morning.

Anyway, must get back to the unpacking....

Mrs. Marine

Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving Day!! = No Internet Access

Hubby is getting the keys to our house right now! Our household goods arrived earlier in the week which was way sooner than we had expected!! So, our stuff is getting delivered today as well! Were officially moving in!! I am so exited to be getting all our stuff today!! We don't have to bother with loner furniture and borrowed dishes! I can finally sleep in my own bed tonight, something I have not done in over 5 weeks. Now comes the monumental task of unpacking, first priority is the kitchen so I can finally cook a real meal. Along with getting everyone's beds together with clean sheets... Luckily, I don't have to lift a thing. The moving company (paid for by the military) will bring in everything and put it in (hopefully) the correct location.

-I will not have internet from now until the 19th-
The company we are getting our cable and internet from can not come until the 19th, even though we scheduled it in advance. Which means I have no internet access until then (Ahhhhh, what will I do, how will I survive? - Just kidding=) Its actually a good thing because I can focus on unpacking and not get distracted by the computer, or the TV. Ill be back in 5/6 days.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Trees in Hawaii

The first two pictures are the same tree. I don't know the name of the tree but when Princess saw it for the first time she said "Look a Africa Tree!!!"

Mrs. Marine

Friday, August 07, 2009

Our First Week in Hawaii

We have been here exactly one week today and already Hurricane Felecia is coming to visit us! (Click the link for the updated Google results on the hurricane). Luckily last I checked its supposed to calm down by the time it reaches here and turn into a "tropical depression".

Princess is all registered for school; after scheduling a Dr. apointment thats not until the 25th, getting a TB test, a lot of paperwork and some difficulty because I do not have her birth certificate with me (Oops, totally didnt think of that). They almost were not going to let her start school until I got them a copy of it. But luckily they are letting her start on Monday without it!!
She got brand new tennis shoes that have pink trim, there very cute! And after going to two different Wallgreens and a Walmart, and the PX and the Annex on base we managed to finally find all her school supplies (the list was extinsive) along with a Hello Kitty backpack that actually fits her and doesn't go from her neck to her knees.

I am not even going to get into all the hoops Hubby had to jump through (there was fire involved) to get out car registerd in HI and get a sticker so we can drive it on base. It was rediculious, but its done and we have Hawaii licens plates!!

Now I just have to wait one more week until we allowed to move into our house, then wait longer (dont know an exact date yet) to get our household stuff so I can begin the monumental task of unpacking. Ick. I dont know which is wors, packing or unpacking? In the kitchen unpacking is worse because everything has to be washed... Anyone have any tips on unpacking to make it easier? One box at a time right? LOL.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Hatch

(Check out yesterdays Wordless Wednesday pictures)

We have no idea why "The Hatch", the door is there or what it was for. We wanted to remove it but, cant remove the door because of the stump and cant remove the stump because of the door.... Hubby once tried to pull it out with his car. He drilled a hole in the door, attached a chain to the door and his car, then tried to drive away. NOPE, the chain ripped through the door (hence the hole near the handle where grass is growing through). The only way to remove it would be to attack the stump with a chain-saw, even then, who knows. But its no longer our problem.
Hubby is able to lift up the one side a little with the handle and all you can see is dirt. I think there was once a small underground shelter or something there but it has since been filled in with dirt from rain.
When we first moved in the backyard was completely uneven and would flood every time it rained. I think because of the flooding water could have washed mud and dirt into the whole and filled it up. OK, so maybe that's a far-fetched theory but why else would the door be there. It doesn't make since that it was never attached to anything and was just left on the ground there in the yard long enough for the tree to grow over the corner of it.

But, we don't live there anymore, so I guess we will never know. I can't help but wonder, if I am right, what was, or is, in the shelter... I'll never know.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - The Hatch

This was in our backyard at our old house in Virginia. Its a metal door, Hubby liked to call it "The Hatch" (like the show Lost). It has been a mystery for the 3 years we lived there. I guess now we will never know why it was there... (More Tomorrow)
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Mrs. Marine

We got a house - Good News and Bad News

So, since we arrived in Hawaii we have been staying in Lodging on base. The 4 of us are in one room with two queen beds. It has a "kitchenette" that does not have a stove top, but does have a microwave and a toaster. Luckily there is also a community grill.
Hubby checked in with the houseing office yesterday and was told to come back today at noon and he should be getting an offer for a house.

He called me after going to the office and asked the annoying question:
"I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?"
I really hate it when he calls me and says that. I chose good news first: We got a house, a brand new house that is really nice and has a huge master bedroom with a walk in closet and master bath. 3 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Bath, 2 car garage! And the bedrooms are upstairs!!! (Our last house was all one floor, not good during nap time).

The bad news: The house is so new its not ready yet. We cant move in until the 14th which means were stuck in lodging until then. It sucks being stuck in one room together (that Bobo is hell-bent on trying to destroy) but at least we are getting a nice new house!

So far Bobo has knocked the lamp off the night stand several times and taken off the little knob that turns it off and on. He keeps trying to rip the peeling wallpaper in the corner. He fell off the bed today. He keeps pushing the AC buttons and I either find the heat turned on or the temp turned down to 52, or up to 89. He is my destructive boy. He also likes to mess with all the TV buttons while Princess is watching which causes her to scream at him. He is constantly climbing on the chari next to the little kitchen table to try and get to whatever happens to be on the table at the time. I feel like all I do is tell him "NO" "Get down".

Mrs. Marine

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Were in Hawaii!!!

Were here, were Finally here!!! Its still hard to fathom the fact that I am on an Island out in the ocean. I am no longer on the Continent of North America. What will really be weird is seeing the local news when they do the weather report and show the map. I'm on an Island!

We got here last Friday, it was a REALLY long day, Hubby and I were up at 5am (I could NOT sleep the night before and only managed to get about 4 hours sleep - I needed Coffee Bad) and we got the kids up at 5:30.
We flew from Denver to Salt Lake City Utah (1 hour 20 minute flight) had an hour and a half layover then flew on to Honolulu (6 hours 40 minute flight - First Class - we paid for the upgrade) The first flight was not bad, but by the time we got on the next flight Bobo was very tired and ready for a nap and not too happy to be strapped in his car seat again. He was screaming and crying and I am sure the people around us were considering getting off the plane before it took off. Luckily shortly after we got in the air he gave in and fell asleep. He slept about an hour and a half and woke up happy! He had a few grouchy moments throughout the rest of the flight including one when he threw a small doodle-pad at my head (that really hurt, hit me right on the forhead). But all in all I think he did well. Each seat had a little monitor in frot of it where you could choose what you wanted to watch from a slection of movies. There were a few kids movies that kept both kids entertained! We had a protable DVD Player with us as well, so Bobo got to watch his favorite, Mickey Mouse Club House. While he was sleeping I got to watch "17 Again", Good movie! Hubby watched "Star Treck". I also started watching "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" but unfortunately I did not get to finish it.
Princess was happy the whole time watching movies with her head phones on. She got the royal treatment from the very attentive Flight Attendants (2 men). They were bringing her drinks and snacks and she even conned 2 cherries out of them because she saw one in the drink I had (Mi Tie!) Both kids were snacking all day long, Bobo is always happy if he is eating.
After the long day and a 4 hour time difference the kids crashed at 6:30, I crashed at 8:00. So unfortunately I woke up at 4:30 the next morning when Princess got up to use the bathroom and could not go back to sleep :( Neither could she and Hubby was awake as well. I felt very rested but I did not want to get up that early. Bobo woke up about 5:00 and we dicided to get ready and go out to breakfast, off base.
I wish we would have taken the camera, but I was able to get this picture with my cell phone:

We pulled over on the side of the highway to take this. It was cloudy and foggy but still more beautiful than I could have imagined! It was raining when we got off the plane as well and on our drive from Honolulu to the base. But I dont mind the rain, I'm used to it after living in VA for the last 3 years and fog is cool! I'm on and Island!!!

Mrs. Marine