Saturday, July 04, 2009

We leave in 4 days...

I packed up my computer tonight, luckily I still have a laptop so I am not cut off from my online world. Its getting down to the days.... I still cant completely wrap my head around the fact that were moving out of this house and will eventually be living in Hawaii!!!
Some friends of ours are already there and she sent me pictures of them at the beach! I don't know why its just hard for it all to seem real. Its quite overwhelming when I think about everything we have yet to do... I packed 14 outfits for Princess today. I figure two weeks worth of clothes will have to suffice, only so much will fit in a suitcase.
Whenever I have gone on a trip in the past I always pack shirts that I never end up wearing... Its hard to decide what you will want to wear for days in advance. I am packing 2 weeks worth of clothes that I will be wearing over and over (washing of course) for the next 6 weeks. Or however long it takes for all our belongings to get to Hawaii. Supposedly, its around August 19th. But that's just an estimate.
Bobo will be sleeping in a play-pen while we are in CO so we went ahead and took apart his crib so that he had a few days to get used to the play-pen while he was in the familiar surroundings of his own bedroom. He was not too sure about the situation when I put him to bed. He cried for a little bit but then decided to play for a bit before falling asleep. Hopefully this will make it easier for him to sleep somewhere else in the play-pen.

I Hate Moving, and we will have to do this all over again in 3 years. But I think it will all be worth it for the experience of living in Hawaii.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Moving is not my favorite thing to do either! But Hawaii sounds like a great posting!
    Have a safe trip!

  2. It will be worth it. We were there 1990-94!


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