Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update: IM BACK!!! Sorta...

Well, I FINALLY have a high speed connection again, I had forgotten how painful dial-up can be. So we are now back at my family's house until Friday when we fly out of here to Hawaii!!!
We have had a great time visiting with our family's. Hubby and I went horse-back-riding last Thursday (my butt and back still hurt, especially my back) on a 2 hour ride. We had not been in 8 years. We got some great pictures that I will share later on a Wordless Wednesday.
My sister is throwing us a Hawaii themed party tonight! I might have to wear a coconut bra (just kidding), too bad I don't have a grass skirt.

Its still hard to believe we leave for Hawaii in 5 days..... I am not looking forward to the long plane ride. Once we get there we will be staying in a lodging (hotel) on base until we get base housing. Which will be for at least 3 days if not longer, it just depends on the housing office. We get there on a Friday and cant go to housing until Monday. But our car is already there and we have arranged for someone to pick it up before we get there (one less thing to worry about).

Princess' school starts on July 31st and she needs a physical form filled out from a Dr. and a TB test before she can start school. Not to mention I cant go shopping for school supplys until we get there (no room in the suitcases to buy them here and take with) so I have to do that last minute. AND I cant even make her a Dr. appointment until we change our insurance info so that were covered in Hawaii.... Needless to say, that first week in Hawaii is going to be crazy and Busy, Busy, Busy.

Please hang in there with me, eventually I will get back to my regular Blogging & Commenting schedule.

Mrs. Marine



  1. it will be such an adventure!
    Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

  2. Soon.... Soon you will be there and after that first week or two of chaos; take a deep breath and relax... Then start enjoying yourself and blog about it because I miss home and must live through you now.. *sniffle* Sorry I got carried away there.. hehee Seriously, I hope the plane trip is stress free.. It's a long one...

  3. I am soooo jealous that you get to move someplace warm and it's at a time when you can keep yourself busy. I'm in a new place with nothing to do where the avg temp makes you see your breathe and my hubby is being deployed in two weeks for a year. I would LOVE to be busy. But if I was in Hawaii, I would probably want to just relax and enjoy it. The grass is always greener.


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