Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Have I Been Doing???

It has been a little busy around here. Last week, Monday was the last day of School for Princess and a half day as well, along with she had a Dr. appointment after school.
Tuesday Hubby took our van to the "processing center" (45 minutes away) to get it shipped off to Hawaii. The Military pays for one vehicle so we are getting rid of the other one.
Wednesday Princess went to the eye Dr. 20/25 she's good (for now).
We are having NO luck selling our house, we are now trying to rent it as well. Which we did not want to do, but what choice do we have. We get a lot of drive-by lookers but no calls, we have great curb appeal, why don't they want to see the inside?

I cant seem to fully wrap my head around the fact that were moving to Hawaii. It will not seem real until we actually get there. At least I will already know someone there. A friend of Hubby's and his wife & kids are going there as well, they leave tomorrow (I think). This will be our 3 duty station together. Its kinda weird how we keep following each other.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Wow. I can't imagine living there. I've vacationed there but to live will be a huge adjustment! You'll have to find Ohana Mama!

  2. Good luck with the move! I cannot imagine moving across the ocean!

  3. Are you stationed at K-Bay? Unless the housing changed since I lived there be ready for a smaller living area... OH and I'm sooo jealous because the new (old now) exchange is soo wonderful.. Bellows!!! Gotta go to Bellows... All beaches are great there but oo when only military is there you get soo much more beach room...

  4. Wow your moving date is really getting close isn't it. I bet you are getting excited. Sorry to hear that your house isn't selling. It is probably due to the poor market. I hope you have better luck renting it out.

  5. I wonder if I should mention your house as a rental, to my daughter. I don't know that she could afford it but she would be a clean, respectful of your home type of renter.

  6. We were never that fortunate to be restationed with friends. We are going to see a good old Army friend next week. So about your house,Sales are just down everywhere. Did you try listing it on Base at the In-processing center/office, both selling and renting. I bet you are getting excited.

  7. Good luck with your move. I wish we could get a posting like Hawaii, but I don't see the Canadian military sending anyone that way!

    Great blog!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.



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