Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's The Scoop:

We are flying to Colorado on July 8th to visit our family for 3 1/2 weeks. Then on August 1st we fly to Hawaii!! Where we will be stationed for the next 3 years!!!
July 7th is "Moving Day", the moving company (hired and payed for by the military) will come and pack all of our stuff in boxes and onto a truck. One of our vehicles is already out over the ocean somewhere on its way to Hawaii, the military only pays for one so we are selling the other.

We will be spending half of our time in Colorado with my family and half with Hubby's family. Unfortunately Hubby's family has Dial-up.... Aaaaahhhhhhhh - WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? So during that time I will not be able to blog much.
Throughout the next month I will try to update my blog and comment back as often as I can, so please bear with me if you don't see me around. Maybe Ill do a fun game in my absence to keep you all interested and coming back for more...

Mrs. Marine


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