Tuesday, June 02, 2009

4 Days After Surgery

I am feeling pretty good. My chest muscles are still pretty tight and I imagine they will be for a while. I almost have full movement back in my arms. Its still a little tight when I raise my arms above my head. But all in all I am not in any pain. I have not had to take narcotic pain meds since Sunday morning. I was taking Tylenol and Monday the Dr. started me on Ibuprofen.
When I first sit up out of bed in the morning its a little rough. Everything aches a little in the morning. I am not a back sleeper, I prefer to sleep on my side. But for now I am only allowed to sleep on my back, it sucks, its uncomfortable. But that is my biggest complaint right now. I go back to the Dr. on Thursday and hopefully they will tell me I can sleep on my side.
I have a lot of bruising, but that is to be expected. Most of the bruising is yellow at least. I bruise easily so I had expected worse. But its seems to be when I expect bad bruising, its not too bad. So that is good.

Thanks everyone for all your "get well" comments I really appreciate it!

Mrs. Marine



  1. Glad you're feeling better everyday. I hope you have a good appt. with your Dr.

    Thanks for commenting on my Mickey Mouse mug. I remember all your Disney mugs too!

  2. take care of yourself! Get well!!!

  3. I hope you continue to heal well after your surgery. Take care!


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