Wednesday, May 06, 2009

UGH..... I am in a fog and going to loose my mind...

I totally missed Wednesday. I just now realized it was WW today. Yes my post was up, but I confess, I wrote the 50th Wordless Wednesday post over a week ago. I usually write and schedule my WW posts in advance so that its posted at midnight on Wednesday and so I don't forget. This is the first time in a long time that I did not stop by other blogs to comment on there WW posts and sign Mr. Linky.... Its the packing and moving, its rotting my brain and consuming my mind. There have been several times over the last few days when Hubby asks me whats wrong, what am I doing because I am lost and in a fog. I think I am just overwhelmed and there is just too much planning its hard to keep everything straight. Selling a house to move overseas with children is not an easy task. I am going to have a mental breakdown before this is over.... Hopefully not, but I am allowed one right??

Anyway, sorry I am missing everyone. Hang in there with me, our house will be going on the market on Monday so once the initial prep for that is over I think things should calm down a little for a little while at least... I hope.

Mrs. Marine



  1. our best friends are stationed in hawaii. they love it :). our next duty station is in north carolina. hubby is going recruiter.

  2. You are completely allowed to have a meltdown if need be. We spouses have so much to keep up with that it is absolutely alright to live in a fog for a while. Good Luck my dear, moving is never easy, especially not overseas. Hang in there, the days will get easier, maybe not tomorrow but in the neare future. We will forgive you this time, but next time we might just have to give you a talkin to. HAHAHA, have a great day.


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