Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breast Augmentation, have you ever considered it?

Once upon a time I never would have considered Breast Augmentation. But two kids and 6 years later I am very unhappy with the way the "girls" look these days. And I suppose its just a part of life, but if they look this way now, what are they going to look like in another 5/10 years.... Yikes.
I cant help it, I miss the body (that I took for granted) I had before my pregnancies. I breastfed two babies and now gravity has taken hold of the "girls" and wont let go. There still a good size at least but definitely not "twins" anymore and theirs no more perk left in them...
I think if I were to get anything done I would need a lift and implants in order to get the result I want, but I am not totally sure.

Have you had anything done? What did you get and are you happy with it? I am curious to talk to someone who has had a lift about how it turned out? Feel free to comment anonymously if you like, or just send me a direct email.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I would so love to have mine lifted. I don't even think I'd need implants, just a lift. It would be soooo nice.

  2. Of course I don't want the whole world to know so I am answering anonymously hehe I havent done breast implants but did do a tummy tuck and lipo. Best 12G I have ever EVER spent LOL If it makes you feel better I say go for it!


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