Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bobo is going to need a "big boy" bed

Bobo keeps looking for a way to climb out of his crib and I have come to the realization that very soon we will have to move Bobo from his crib to a toddler bed.... It makes me sad, the crib is his last tie to babyhood. Princess did really well when I transitioned her to a toddler bed. But I have a bad feeling that Bobo will not do well with the change.

The following article is brought to you by my guest blogger; Suzanne, who's a childrens furniture expert.

Toddler Bed Transition Tips
As parents, we are always looking to find the safest option possible and our child’s sleeping arrangements are certainly no exception to the rule. While all transitions in life can prove to be stressful and difficult to adapt to, it’s important to make the switch from sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed as easy and smooth as possible which is why we’re going to cover a few key points to follow during this change. Once your child grows to about three feet tall or has already tried climbing out of their crib in some way, it’s time to consider a safer kids furniture option that will ensure your child is sleeping safely during the afternoon or night. With any big change, it’s important as parents to work with their children and let them help make the decision as to which bed and bedding set is right for them.

Keep in mind that when making the transition you will want to slowly ease your child through the process and a great way to start is by putting them in the new bed for naps only. This will introduce them to the idea and allow them more time to get used to sleeping in a new environment. Gradually increase the use of the toddler bed as much as you can at night or install rails along the side of the bed in order to resemble a familiar crib construction. Eventually you will want to move the crib out of the room altogether and place the bed in the same location in case your kids associate a particular corner with rest and relaxation. Parents that are expecting a new addition to the family may experience a more difficult time during this transition as they will frequently have to explain that the new baby needs the crib more than their toddler, the “big kid”.

It is helpful to move all crib accessories including blankets and stuffed animals to the new bed in order to help toddlers understand that this new space isn’t such a big change after all. Keep in mind that not all toddlers are the same in that some may not be as ready to make the switch right away like some other children. Pay attention to what your toddler wants and consistently ask them if they would prefer the “big kid’s bed” instead of their crib. While there are a few areas where you can be flexible during this process, it’s important to stick to the same bedtime routine and enforce safety rules for the new arrangement to ensure a successful transition.

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  1. its one of those bittesweet moments but I bet he will do just fine :-)


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