Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bump Answer... Update on Me

Yesterdays WW was guess the baby bumps, here is the answer:

The top picture (baby X) is Bobo, my baby boy. Which makes the bottom picture (baby Z) Princess, my little girl.

Sorry I have been absent lately. We have been getting our house ready to sell. Cleaning, packing, painting, "Its been so much fun" (NOT). Exhausting is more like it. But it is now ready, our first home is officially on the market. We even had our first potential home buyer come by today... We can only hope it sells quickly.
So, now that all the chaos is over I can catch up on my blogging! Also I have a ridiculous amount of emails to go through...

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I just checked what my answer was. I got it wrong the other day - lol. I was curious to see the correct answer.

    Good luck with you move& selling your house. :)


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