Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About Todays WW Pictures

I didn't have time this morning to write about the pictures and since its supposed to be "Wordless" anyway I decided to do a separate post. First look at Today's WW Pictures...
Did you look?
That was Princess when she was 1 or 2. She was such a messy eater and refused at an early age to be spoon fed. Once she figured out how to feed herself she did not want me doing it anymore. So I finally scheduled messy meals (like spaghetti) along with bath nights. She would usually eat in just a diaper, or diaper and bib. That way I could easily whisk her off to the bath as soon as she was done. I have many messy faced pictures of her with her "food body art". Sometimes I think more of the food ended up on her and the tray and the floor than what actually got into her mouth...

I had a fun idea one day to make a unique sigh for the dishwasher, hence the "CLEAN" and "DIRTY" writing on the pictures. I took the two pictures, put them back to back and laminated it with contact paper. My in-laws still use the one I gave them, it sits on their kitchen counter (whichever side is up is what the dishwasher is).

Mrs. Marine


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  1. That is a great idea! Much better than a little painted sign. Very cute.


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