Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Reenlisted

Finally I got to be there for something. Hubby was deployed when he Reenlisted the first time. I have never been able to be there when he has picked up rank, for various reasons. So I was exited that I finally got the opportunity to be there yesterday for the Reenlistment ceremony. And because I was there I was included and awarded a certificate! I feel quite special, and it was nice to be acknowledge. (Click on the image to enlarge it if you would like to read it.)
Hubby Reenlisted for 4 years.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. your husband has my total respect, serving our country is not an easy job and especially hard on the familys, my brother deployed yesterday for Afghanastan, he is in the air as we speak he only has 18 months for his 20 years and here we go again, I know he loves his job but it does not make it easy on those of us that love him so much, please keep him in your prayers as I do him and all our servicemen.


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