Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two of my favorite words: Clearance Sale

I love sales! Especially on clothes!
Sears is having a HUGE Clearance Sale from now till April 18th 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER CLOTHING.

I was given some money for my birthday so I think I should buy some new clothes. The last time I bought new clothes for myself they were maternity clothes. So, that was over two years ago. I never buy myself clothes. The kids have to come first when it comes to getting new clothes, seeing as they grow out of them so quickly. Buying clothes for me is always an afterthought. Or, I’ll get myself a new shirt next time, maybe next payday. But when I am given money for my birthday, then I have no excuse not to buy something for myself, so I can thank the person who gave me the money and tell them what I spent it on.
I love shopping online, it’s so much easier. No dragging the kids along, no other people, and it’s easier to find the size and color you want!

I found a cute Byline Shirred Top that would be great to wear on a night out with Hubby, and its only $5.99 (regular price $30).

Also I found a simple stripe Henley shirt that’s perfect casual wear. It’s also only $5.99 each (regular price $26) and it comes in 5 different colors. I think I’ll get one of each!

Yeah, I love buying new clothes!
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Mrs. Marine


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