Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's My 30th Birthday!

It's official, I am now in my early 30's... Let the Party Begin!!!
Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a

Check out some of my favorite music:

I really enjoyed reading the comments from this game during the UBP, so I decided to do it again.

Comment game (Birthday edition): BLOG MY BLOG

I will ask a question. The first person that comments, please answer my question. Once you’re done, include a question for the next visitor to answer. If possible, try to think of a Birthday related question, if you can't think of one its OK. You can also do fill in the blank sentence. This is a family blog, so please keep it clean.
Then the next commenter will answer the question from the previous comment and then think up something for the next person (if someone forgets to leave a question answer mine).

Q. What was your best/most memorable birthday present ever?

I got my belly button pierced on my 18th birthday.

Mrs. Marine



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Birthday!!! Live it up! For my 16th birthday I recieved a beautiful journal with my name engraved on a name plate on the front.

    ?? for next comment: What was your favorite party ever- why was it your favorite?

  2. Happy Birthday! Turning 30 isn't so bad. I turned 30 last year.

  3. Happy Birthday ... I have a few years on you ;) and it isn't so bad being 30.

    My favourite party ever 21st birthday. I had all my friends and family there.

    What is best birthday present ever ?


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