Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hubby "Official Bad A$$"

At least that's how he likes to refer to himself these days.
Last Friday he graduated from a 4 week long course to become a Black Belt Marine Corp Martial Arts Instructor. He now has a secondary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) as an Instructor, meaning he can train other Marines to get there MC Martial Arts Belts.
The training itself was pretty brutal, he has had numerous buses over the last 4 weeks among other aches and pains. But he graduated from the course like I knew he would and now I suppose he deserves bragging rights. There is only a small percentage of Marines who attend and complete this course to become Instructors. He even got 2 T-Shirts with this logo on it:The course was at another base over an hour away so Hubby was only able to come home on weekends and usually one day during the week. It was too long of a drive (during rush hour, not to mention the price of gas) for him to go back and forth every day.
The best thing about Hubby being an instructor is that there is the possibility of him getting a full time job training Marines which makes him non-deployable!

Mrs. Marine



  1. Congratulations to your husband! What an accomplishment.

  2. Good for him. Gotta love the non-deployable. That would make my day.

  3. That's awesome! Congratulations to him!!

  4. Congratulations to him. That is awesome that he will be non-deployable. Sounds great.


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