Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I know, I have been MIA and neglecting my blog. I have several good reasons for doing so.
1. Hubby has been home on leave, he wants attention
2. Hubby likes to monopolize the computer
3. Princess was home sick the last two days
4. Major Changes in the works have caused lots of discussions between hubby and I

What are they you ask? Its still weird to use the word and contemplate that its happening.


Not so long ago that was not an option for us. But due to the fact that he is being sent away AGAIN. Weather we like it or not. It has become an option.
Either we Reenlist and have two 6 months deployments over the next 4 years.
Or, we don't reenlist and Hubby is sent to another country for 12 months in August.
The last deployment was supposed to be his last, then he was getting out of the Military. Well, things changed and now he is leaving again weather I like it or not. So, I figure why not make the most of it and make things work for us just a little. I would rather have two 6 months deployments than one LONG 12 month deployment.
Everything is still in the works and it all lies in the hands of one man and where he wants to send us for our next duty station....

Mrs. Marine



  1. I totally understand why you'd chose not to do a 12 month stint! My husband will be part of the KFOR mission in August and will be gone for 12 months and I just can't imagine being away from him for so long.

  2. That's the life.... I don't honestly know which I'd choose.. The good thing about the 12month is it's just 1 out and in... I hate the anticipation of knowing they're gonna leave and the weirdness when they come back till you all adjust... Tough choice... I'm pulling for you... wiggle my nose and cross my toes... sending happy thoughts your way and maybe you'll be granted an epiphany.. :)

  3. Wow- I would choose the 6 months over the 4 years as well! Either eay it's a long time and it's hard, I know being away from my boyfriend drives me insane, but we have to keep pushing on because that's the life we have. Good luck to you and I hope all goes well!

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  4. Just lending a show of support for u and ur hubby from australia! mompaulak & family xoxo


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