Thursday, February 26, 2009

Were Reenlisting

It is official, Hubby is Reenlisting, not only that, he will be retiring in the Marine Corp. He has been in for 7 years now and will be reenlisting for another 4. It would be silly to stop there, after another 4 years in it only makes since to go the distance to 20 and be able to retire.

That said, that main thing on my mind these days is where are they going to send us. It will be one of three options:
1. Hawaii (Exiting I know!!!!!)
2. Camp Pendleton in CA
3. Camp Lejeune in NC

All three have pros and cons to them and we will be happy wherever we end up. The only question is, where and when?
Now I get to play the waiting game... I Hate the Waiting Game.

Mrs. Marine


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