Monday, February 02, 2009

Little Man Gives Kisses!

Recently Little Man learned how to give kisses. He has known how to blow kisses for a while now and now he will give kisses too, and Hugs! He's so cute!!
One day I said to Little Man "give me a kiss", and he put his hand to his mouth and made a kiss sound. Which surprised me, because he had never done that before. But I don't think I had ever asked for a kiss from him before.
Then the next day I was getting ready to leave to go to the store and I said to Hubby, "give me a kiss" so he did. Then I said the same to Little Man and he puckered up his little lips to give me a kiss! It was so cute!!!
There usually wet kisses, but I don't mind. Its so cute when he puckers up his little lips!
He is such a sweet little boy and he is getting so big. I cant believe he will be 2 in May!

It's moments like that, that make being a Mom, Priceless, the best job in the world.
Some days the hardest job, but it always has the greatest rewards.

Mrs. Marine


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