Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lots of Changes in 2009...

Hubby will finally be home in March and will never deploy again. March is also our 7 year wedding anniversary. I get my husband home as a present!
In April I will say goodbye to my 20's and hit the big 3 0... UGH, I don't think I am ready for that one but I know when it actually hits I probably wont feel any different.
In May the kids turn 6 and 2.
In November hubby will be separating from the Military. And shortly there after become a civilian once again. I will no longer be a Military Wife! (I guess I'll have to rename my blog)
We will be moving to wherever his next job takes us. So we will be selling our house and buying another one, a bigger one. We need a bigger house, we have already outgrown this one.
Which means we will have to get this house ready to sell. Not looking forward to that part. When your house is on the market it has to be presented like you don't live there. How do I do that with two kids? I will be asking for advice when the time comes. I wish we could move out before we put it on the market. But we cant pay two mortgages.... We will figure it out.

Mrs. Marine



  1. OMG! SO many changes coming for you in the next year! Are you excited? Getting out of the military (I considered the family enlisted as well) can be like starting a whole new life! You'll get to actually make plans and keep them! Good luck!

  2. Wow, is 2009 busy enough for you or WHAT?!? You need to take a breather and go to Disney World somewhere in there.

  3. RE:
    Nothing Too Fancy - Thanks for the luck.

    Rain - are you buying the trip to Disney World? I wish we could go. Although Little Man is not old enough yet.

  4. "Fix and Forget it" huh? That sounds great! IF you get a moment, would you mind sending me your favorite recipe? I could post it for "Crock Pot Cook Along."


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