Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Man Got Stitches :(

Last weekend Little Man (1 1/2) fell and hit his forehead on the wood frame of the rocking chair in our living room. He had to get three stitches.
I think I was more traumatized by the whole experience then he was. But I am proud of myself that I did remain calm. Although I was shaking from head to toe and had to fight back the tears while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital.
The only time Little Man got really upset was when they had to hold him down to put the stitches in his head. He does not like to be messed with.
The stitches came out Thursday and its healing up well. Luckily he is young so the scar will have plenty of time to fade. Boys don't care about scars as much anyway.
Just like his daddy, he will probably have them all over his head....

Needless to say, the rocking chair now has padding tied onto it so this will not happen again.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Head wounds bleed so much too. It is scary o see your child bleeding. Sounds like you did well.

  2. OH Honey, brace yourself. Parenting is a long road and thank goodness this was your first taste of the injuries. So glad Little man is doing well. Way to go stay tough for him. Bummer

  3. That can be so scary! Thankfully MOST of the time, it looks worse than it is. I have been there. You've got another notch on the mommy belt now!

  4. Oh no! I'm glad he survived the stitches. (And I'm glad you survived it all, too! :)

  5. So glad he is OK!

    I'm not sure how old "little man" is but when my son was a toddler I went to Lowes and purchased some self-sticking foam pipe wrap and used it soften the corners of furniture around the house. With a little fabric and imagination you can wrap it in a decorative way as well.

    Best wishes in 2009!


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