Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hubby is Home!!!

Hubby was not supposed to be home for another two months. But surprise, hes home!! Which is great, but it also has some bad consequences. He was not supposed to leave again. This was supposed to be his last deployment. But to put it simply, he is getting screwed again and they are trying to make it hard for him to get out of the military.
He will be leaving again in August... For a long time, it will be our longest separation ever.

It is so nice to have him home. But the consequences really suck....

Mrs. Marine



  1. YEAH!!! and...BOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Congratulations, I love to hear our men come home. Boo hoo, that stinks he will leave again but that is still months away. Enjoy today!!!!!

  3. bitter sweet... but so not surprising... that really sucks... I'm still counting down... and crossing my fingers they come home safe... :) so happy you got yours home!!!

  4. I'm glad he's home early for you, but sad that he is leaving again. Blessings on your time together. :-)


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