Sunday, December 07, 2008

Since when does Overcharge?

This is what my daughter is getting from Santa!!! I am exited, I always wanted a dollhouse when I was little, never had one. So I have wanted to get her one for years now, she is finally the right age. It comes with the family shown (dad, mom, and baby boy and girl) and I also got a big sister to go with it. Its our family plus a baby girl.
I employed the grandmothers to help buy room accessories for the house not knowing they were going to be SOLD OUT everywhere and hard to find online. The grandmas are in another state so they like to shop online, its easier.

Well, every website I cam across was sold out of the main accessories I wanted, Except But the problem is, they were charging TWICE the price for everything. I had thought Amazon had always had good prices. Now I have not bought anything from in a while, but I have noticed other things on Amazon being more expensive there. When did that happen? I am completely appalled at the prices of the dollhouse stuff, its ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed this?
Look at this; this one bathroom set, on Amazon $26.60 - Toys"R"Us $8.99 (Are you kidding me!)

Although technically Amazon does not actually have the products, everything is "sold" and shipped through another company, but the products are still on Amazons site listed at the outrageous prices, all in all it still affects there reputation in my eyes. Luckily I always search for the best price when shopping online.

By the way, one grandma went to a Toys"R"Us store and and the other went to the web site and we finally managed to get everything we wanted!!

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I totally agree! Amazon is REDICULOUS! Shopping online is convenient and you're almost garanteed to find exactly what you want, but shipping is getting steep too! Recession, recession, recession! Damn!LOL


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