Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DECLINED (I had a crappy day yesterday)

My mom went back home Saturday. I avoid going to the store with both kids at all costs. Mainly Princess, she is quite naughty at the store and so if she is with me it takes me twice as long. Little Man is a good boy at the store. He loves to people watch and say "HI" to people who smile at him.
So, I had tried to go to the store by myself Friday while my mom was still here but unfortunately the Commissary (Military grocery store) was closed. I could have gone to the local grocery store but I just couldn't justify spending so much more. Everything is cheaper at the commissary and there is no tax!
So, I went yesterday with both kids. Princess wined the whole time and complained. Needless to say by the time I finished and got to the checkout line I was ready to have it over and done with. I tried to get cash at the checkout and accidentally entered my pin number wrong twice which LOCKED MY DEBIT CARD. I had no way to pay for the groceries.
Luckily they offered to hold my groceries while I ran home to get my check book. Fortunately I don't live very far. Ugh, I was ready to cry by that point, I was just all around frustrated. The shopping trip which I had hoped would only take an hour, took two and it was also Little Man's lunch and nap time.
By the way, I called the bank after I got home and was able to unlock the card and reset my pin number.

Mrs. Marine


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