Sunday, November 02, 2008

Military Wives

Its funny, there is a "competition" of sorts between different branches of the Military members. I laugh at my husband when the topic comes up.
But I don't feel that there should be a competition between the wives, were all basically in the same "boat". Our husbands are in the Military, we all have the same basic lifestyle, our husbands are gone a lot, too much. And were left home alone to hold down the fort. To keep the home fires burning the best we can.

In the beginning I came across a lot of wives who seemed to think they were more important than me because my husband was a Private First Class and theirs was a Corporal or Sergeant. Well, my husbands a Sgt. now and I have befriended plenty of wives and girlfriends of men who ranked below my husband. It doesn't matter what your husbands or wife's rank is, or what branch of the Military there in. A Military Spouse has only one rank and its the hardest job in the Military.

The only other people who can possibly begin to understand my life and what I go through on a daily basis are other Military Spouses. And even with other wives we all have a slightly different situation. Some have kids, some don't, or the number of children is different. Some women choose to move in with there family for every deployment so there not left alone. Some live on base, some don't.

I have two children, I do not live on base, we chose to buy our first home. Although we do live right next to a base so I still have all the advantages. We live far away from all our family so I don't have there help while he is deployed. I have never chosen to move just because he is deploying. Although I am alone and it might have been a little easier to have moved so I could have the help from our family. Were buying our house, I hate moving, and deployment is stressful enough, I don't see the point in uprooting our kids away from our home because he is deploying.
With all the factors in, this deployment is the hardest one out of the 6 and were only 1/3 of the way through.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Oh how I wish there were more of you out there who didn't wear the spousal rank. it sucks. And you know what? it's worse when you're an officer's wife who doesn't follow the "protocol" and likes to be one of the gang.

    My hubby's the commander of his unit. He has no other officers, no XO, nothing. There are no other units like his here, so he's unique in that aspect...and he's a Warrant Officer, so that makes him below the butterbars....

    His highest enlisted is an E-8...1st Sgt. No others...that is his Sr. Enlisted Leader...the other half of the command team.

    And none of the spouses ever reached out to me to include me in ANYTHING (unless it required attending a party to buy stuff). And it sucks to be on that end.

    Which is precisely why we do not live on post, and we don't spend much time there. Because it's better to find your way in a community.

  2. I know your last commenter, Linda, she's a great friend to me and I know she's in a unique position since her dh is a band commander and they have a different protocal you could say.

    Where I live (where Linda used to live) is a very unique post. It's small and not being friends with someone because of their husband's rank, doesn't happen much here!

    I have to say going through deployments, I've found the best support from my co-Army wives than family. When it comes to family and non-military friends, they're great at saying "I'll/we'll support you" but the reality is, they just don't get it and can't...other spouses do and can support you in such a better way. IME!


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