Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuzzy Likes to be Tortured...

My cat is just not normal. If there was an 18 month old child playing in a room, most cats would avoid that room at all costs. If they had to go through the room for any reason, they would do it as fast as they could, and avoid the ground if possible.
Not my cat.
My son plays in the living room during the day. The living room is between the dining room and the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom, it has baby gates so he cant get into trouble.
Fuzzy, quite often lately, comes into the living room and lays on the floor out in the open. Little Man gets very exited and walks/crawls over to her and begins the torture (he doesn't know any better). He pounds on her, grabs hand-fulls of fur and pulls, lays on top of her, and the worst, pushes his hands into her with all his weight. I am afraid he is going to seriously hurt her.

What I don't get it I will save her from him and put her in another room where he cant get her and a little while later she comes back for more... Fuzzy is not very smart, or she just likes the torture. LOL.
The great thing is, Fuzzy just lays there and takes it, she wont bite Little Man, she doesn't have front claws (she was de-clawed before I got her) and even if she did she would not scratch him. She actually tries to scratch on furniture sometimes, she forgets she doesn't have claws... She is the greatest cat for kids.

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  1. Well, maybe fuzzy doesn't see it as torture. Just saying. Have a great day. :)

  2. One of our dogs is like that...our Little Man tortures this dog like there's no tomorrow (just like your Little Man, mine pulls, sits, etc. this animal). The other dog knows to run away, but not the masochist (sp?) dog.

    So I can relate.

    Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife

  3. Aw, fuzzy likes it!


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