Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am in a blogging, life, emotional, everything; Funk.
I am frustrated, lonely, stressed, lonely, tired, lonely, irritable, somewhat depressed.
The only time I have been in front of the computer lately is to talk to hubby.
YES, hubby FINALLY has in his laptop and and internet connection and a web cam. So wen> can talk on the computer and I get to see his face! Which helps a lot, the kids get to talk to him too. Although Princess doesn't get to as much as Little Man.
How do you explain time zones to a 5 year old?....
By the time she gets home from school it is past daddy's bed time. So she only gets to talk to him on Fridays when he can stay up later and on weekends.
Little Man now knows the sound the computer makes when we connect a video call and he also seems to know what the chat window looks like. He gets very exited and starts squealing "Daddy Daddy Daddy!" Its really cute.
It great to be able to talk to him and see his face on the computer. Its good for me and the kids.
And since we talk on the computer were not being charged by the minute. Saves money not having to use calling cards or pay a phone company. There is a phone in the office he can call me on for free, but its not exactly private and I would rather see his face.

Hopefully I will get out of this funk soon. I could use a day off, a vacation, but that's not possible.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I couldn't even imagine what you are going through. But I send my best wishes to a quick homecoming. I admire all the sacrifice made by your hubby and you and your children.

  2. I feel your funk - I'm in one too. We are 1/2 way through this deployment and I think I've hit an all time low. I too am tired, lonely, stressed and today so irritable that I keep snapping on the kids. I said I was sorry tonight with M&M's - I felt terrible.
    Here's hoping your funk will lift soon!

  3. Hoping your funk has lifted already! Since we've been using Skype my 3 two year olds think Daddy is in the computer... they actually think Iraq is in our home computer. he, he

    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend... even if you aren't doing anything special!


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