Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A time I almost died

I am the member of a BlogCatalog group called Good Parents. There was a group discussion posted today asking the question 'Tell us of a time when YOU "almost died" due to numskull kid activity...' Here is my answer:

When I was 2 1/2 my parents (still together then, divorced when I was 4) took my older sister and I camping in the mountains with friends.
My father left a cup of Colman Fuel sitting on the ground, I picked it up and drank it.
The details of the full story are obviously fuzzy to me because luckily I was too young to remember. My parents left my sister with there friends and had to rush me to the Hospital where the doctors were perplexed because they had never encountered that situation before. They pumped my stomach and I have been told I had a very high fever.
That's what I know for sure. Many years later I developed a continues cough for a while and my mother worried that it could be a long term effect from it but the cough eventually went away.
The only lasting effect is that the high fever caused pitting on my permanent teeth, which I now get to deal with. Maybe some day I can afford veneers....
Needless to say my father was kicking himself for quite a while, he could have killed me and I am sure my mother wanted to strangle him as well, although she never said it.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I think all parents have those moments when something happens that makes them want to kick themselves. It is just a part of life. Thank God you are okay.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am glad you were ok.

  3. that is quite a story, i wonder what would posses a kid to drink fuel?

  4. Well I for one am glad you are still here. I had one of those moments as a child. There was an explosion at a soap factory near my elementary school. I was sitting near the window on this day, goofing off, when my teacher caught me. She made me switch seats with another classmate. Five minutes later, that classmate whom I switched seats with, was covered in glass and cut very badly. The explosion had caused the glass to shatter, and it could have been me. Thank you for sharing.


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