Friday, October 03, 2008

It feels like Saturday.....

Bear with me because I am going to probably be a little off on my days for the next three weeks.
Princess goes to a year round school. Starting today they are on break. She is home right now, and has the next 3 weeks off from school. Its like perpetual weekends. I keep forgetting today is Friday, it feels like Saturday because she is home.
I'm not quite sure how I am going to keep her busy during break.... I have already planned to get together at least once a week with "our friends" (the Mom is my friend and the 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy are her friends) who's daughter goes to the same school. The Mom is also a SAHM like me. We are very good friends, we got to know each other last year while waiting to pick up our girls from school every day, they just happened to be in the same class.
We plan to help each other keep our sanity during the break. We get together, the kids play and keep each other entertained while we get to sit and chit chat.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Here's wishing you many ideas to keep you girl busy:)

  2. The weather is usually beautiful this time of year. Enjoy with time with your daughter.

  3. Wow, year round school? I didn't know anyone was still doing that... there's definitely no one in my area doing that. I can't imagine how different it would be from the traditional 9 on/3 off schedule.


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