Monday, October 13, 2008

I Wish I Could go to New York City...

Why you ask, many reasons actually. For one I have never been there. But specifically today, tonight, because Rebecca Pidgeon is performing at The Living Room in NYC. I haven't been to any kind of concert or performance in so long. It would be a blast. Not to mention all the famous people there. Some day I will go to New York. She is also performing on Wednesday and Thursday. But alas, I am too far away, the hubby's away, I have too kids. I cant go.
What can I say, my life is boring.


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  1. Just to say that with two kids, your life is probably NOT as boring as you think! I'm a mother too, not Military wife, so it must be even harder for you with him gone a lot (if he is I mean). I raised an ADHD son years ago (he's 21 now) and now have an 8 yr. old daughter, which keeps me busy. You MUST be busy! I admire that.


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