Saturday, October 04, 2008

Baths All Around..........

Guess what my exiting day consisted of.
My daughter got a bath, my son got a bath, the Dog got a bath, the Cat got a...........
Nap, I'm not that crazy. Then I finally got a shower. If I had a big fancy tub, I would take baths, but I don't. So I stick to showers.
My dog needed the bath the most. With all the rain lately her paws and legs were dirty. Every time she comes in from outside she tracks in little pieces of dry mud on my kitchen floor... Yeah, more for me to clean up..... I am thinking if I get one of those prickly mats to wipe your feet on that looks like fake grass, and put it right outside the door, it will help catch the dirt off her feet. Although I wonder if it will collect standing water when it rains. I suppose if it does I could poke holes in it....
Our next house will have a "mud room".

Hope your day was more exiting than mine...

Mrs. Marine



  1. It wasn't:( Our dog got a bath too and I hate giving him a bath so much that most of the time I'd rather just deal with the mess:)


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