Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to the routine again...

Monday Princess went back to school from the 3 week break. My Mother-In-Law left yesterday, she was here for a week. So it is just me and Little Man around the house today, I think he misses his sissy a little bit.
Little Man took to his Grandma very well. Princess did not want to share Grandma. Little Man figured out that when Princess left the room he could get her attention. So every time Princess would leave the room he would run over to Grandma to sneak in a hug and play time. I also would put Princess in bed before Little Man so that Grandma could spend some time with Little Man uninterrupted by the jealous Sissy.
We had not seen Grandma since our trip "home" back in April.
The other grandma, my mother, whom we call Oma, will be here in December for Christmas!

When hubby is deployed its always nice to have family come to visit, or go visit them. It kinda breaks up the time, it gives me something to look forward to during the deployment, besides the end of deployment which is much further away.

Mrs. Marine


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