Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who's Hungry? - Day 3

Where are we going? What's your guess?
Lets Eat! I love Italian food! If your looking for somewhere fancy go to Maggiano's Little Italy, they have great food. When your done, take a carriage ride down 16th Street for some romance.

Want something simple, I also love Chipotle, there are seven locations around the state. (I don't have one where I live)

(Have you figured out the location, if not, stay tuned for tomorrows clue? The answer will be posted on Saturday!)

Mrs. Marine



  1. I am hungry too - but I am afraid the closet place to us is just a small, insignificant Mexican place. I think I will take a detour and come visit your area - dinning looks great!

  2. That is a really nice Maggiano's the one by us isn't that nice.

  3. *ahem*

    I think I have figured out where the trip is taking us.

    However, I would disagree with the *actual* number of Chipotle's there. :D You're sneaky!


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