Thursday, September 04, 2008

What's there to do around here? - Day 5

Where have we been? Did you figure out the locatation?
There is plenty to do for fun. Like amusement parks? Go to Elitch Gardens, its also a water park! (I wanna go, I havent been to an amusement park in forever). Looking for fun for the little kids, there is a wonderful Childrens Mueseum and right next to it an Aquaium.
Or if your the outdoors type, head to the hills and explorer one of the many quaint little mountain towns or just drive and admire the scenery.

(If you are still stumped as to the location check in tomorrow for the answer.)

Mrs. Marine



  1. Absolutely love amusement parks as I also wrote about today. Cool looking ride but looks a bit slow for me LOL Thanks for sharing. Hope you had fun on the blog trip.

  2. I love amusement park. I hope I can go to the amusement park again when my children are older.
    I'm waiting for u in Indonesia...

  3. Love the amusement park! Cool post!

  4. I love amusement parks! I wanna visit! :)

  5. I still haven't figured out where you're from. haha


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