Monday, September 01, 2008

We need gas, I hope your rich - Day 2

Where are we going? Can you guess?
The average gas price is about $3.71 could be worse. Hey, since your getting gas, get some snacks while your at it.
My favorites snacks on a road trip:
Red Bull and stick Pretzels!

If you need a gas station there is a Circle K on the corner of Jewell and Wadsworth.
(Have you guessed the place yet? Stop by every day this week for another clue. Ill post the answer on Saturday)

Mrs. Marine



  1. Hilarious! What a fun post. I love those gas signs. I've added you on my Entrecard. I'll be back! Beep Beep!

  2. I can't not stop giggling. Those signs are definitely true.

  3. I'm not sure now. I'm still going to say Utah though, unless something later on changes my mind.

  4. Those signs are funny! :)


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