Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday's Sanity Saver - Leaf Rubbings

I haven't posted a craft in forever. Monday is the first official day of Autumn so in honor of that here is a Craft:

Leaf Rubbings
You will need:
white paper (printer paper works best)
crayons - without paper labels
(can also use coins, or any other flat objects your children can come up with)
Protect your workspace if needed so as to not get leaf stains on your table.

Go outside and collect leaves.
Place the leaf under a piece of paper. Rub the crayon longways over the paper where the leaf is, you will see the pattern of the leaf emerge!
Children think its amazing and you can use the same leaf over and over with different color crayons. Make a rainbow of colors on one piece of paper or use different pieces for each color.
Cut out the prints and they make great decorations!
Or write a note on the back and send to family and friends as a card.

Have a great weekend!

Also I posted this a while back and I got such a great response I had to bring it back again:
Homemade Playdough Recipe

Mrs. Marine



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  2. What a fantastic idea! I remeber doing these as a young girl in school. I searched for "Stay at home mom" on google (I'm a private nanny), and there you were! Love your blog! Keep posting!

  3. I haven't done is in years. What a great idea for fall! I also like to iron colorful leaves between 2 sheets of wax paper for table decorations.

    Thanks for the memory!


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